Welcome to the website for the villages of Bramhope and its neighbour Carlton.

Our intention is to provide local residents with a useful source of information about our villages together with local history and details of existing groups and organisations.  In addition, by providing this information we hope others may  be tempted to visit us here in Yorkshire.

Thank you for visiting the site – we hope to see you around the village soon.
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Latest News

Leeds Light Switch on – 8th November 2018 – Road Closures

THURSDAY 8 NOVEMBER 2018 the Leeds Lights will be switched on at 20.05. Details of road closures are below. Please allow additional time for journeys by car and expect delays to bus services during the evening.
Road to be closed 13:00 hrs to 23:59 hrs
Alexander Street – Access Only to be allowed through the day
Roads to be closed 11:00 hrs to 23:59 hrs
Cookridge Street – The Headrow to junction with St Anne’s Street
Roads to be closed 18:00 hrs to 23:59 hrs
1. The Headrow (eastbound) – Oxford Place to Albion Street
2. The Headrow (westbound) – Albion Street to East Parade
3. Upper Basinghall Street – The Headrow to Short Street
4. Park Row (northbound entry slip) – junction with Infirmary Street
5. St Anne’s Street – car park exit to Cookridge Street
6. Cookridge Street – St Anne’s Street to Great George Street
Roads to be closed 20:00hrs – 23.59hrs (To facilitate the crowd movement post event for as short a period as is safe)
1. Calverley Street – The Headrow to Gt George Street – Blue Light access to the LGI will be maintained throughout.
2. South Parade – The whole.
Altered traffic flow 18:00 hrs to 23:59 hrs
1. Upper Basinghall Street – One way working to be reversed to flow north to south
Suspension of Bus/Cycle Lanes & Prohibition of Motor Vehicles 18:00 hrs to 23:59 hrs
1. The Headrow (eastbound) – Albion Street to Briggate
2. Westgate (eastbound) – Park Street to Oxford Row
Suspension of Bus/Cycle Lanes & Prohibition of Motor Vehicles 11:00 hrs to 23:59 hrs
1. Cookridge Street (contra-flow) – Gt George Street to The Headrow
Prohibition of Waiting 13:00 hrs to 23:59 hrs
1. Alexander Street including the Pay & Display parking bays
Prohibition of Waiting 06:00 hrs to 23:59 hrs
1. Cookridge Street – Between The Headrow and the southern kerbline of St Anne’s Street
2. Calverley Street – west side between The Headrow and Great George Street
Roads to be closed 19:30 hrs to 21:15 hrs
1. Park Square North
2. Park Square South
3. Park Square East
4. Park Square West
5. St Paul’s Place

Removal of diseased Beech Tree, Puritan Chapel, 9th October 2018

Unfortunately one of the large Beech trees in the grounds of the Puritan Chapel has been identified as having a disease which slowly destroys the roots of the tree. Following directive from Leeds City Council Tree Officers, the Parish Council have arranged for it’s removal as soon as possible. The works will take place on 9th October 2018.

The Parish Council will be planting a suitable replacement in the coming months.

Scam Mail

Royal Mail wish to raise awareness of scam mail in our local community. If you think that you have received scam mail via the post please report it to Royal Mail by:-
1. Writing to Royal Mail at FREEPOST SCAM MAIL, enclosing any items of mail that you suspect are scam mail
2. Calling the Royal Mail Scam Helpline on 0800 0113 466 or
3. Emailing scam.mail@royalmail.com

Better Broadband for Bramhope – Progress towards faster broadband as at 26 July 2018

The Parish Council recently met with WY Superfast and BT to discuss the latest position with progress towards faster broadband for some areas of the village that are currently not connected. Details of the latest position can be found on the following link.

Cystic Fibrosis Fundraising

Letter of thanks for contributions to Cystic Fibrosis Fundraising

Ring Necked Parakeet spotted in Bramhope

Bramhope & Carlton residents/readers may be interested in this photograph took recently by a resident of the Birches. It’s Ring-necked Parakeet, a noisy and gregarious parrot species which is resident across much of the Indian sub-continent. Now also commonly found in the parks and gardens in central & western London but is still a rare and infrequent visitor further north. The rumour is that the UK population stems from a pair of birds which originally escaped from Elstree studios during the filming of the African Queen starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn back in the 1950s.

Leeds City Council Core Strategy Selective Review, February 2018

Please find attached a briefing document regarding the current consultation that is taking place for the Leeds City Councils Core Stratgey Selective Review. The closing dates for comments is 23rd March 2018 at 5pm.
LCC Core Strategy Selective Review Feb 18

Leeds City Council Site Allocation Plan Revised Submission Draft January 2018

Leeds City Council have published a Site Allocation Plan Revised Submission Draft document, which is currently open for consultation for a period of 6 weeks. The consultation period ends on February 26th at 5.00pm. Please read the attached briefing document if you wish to make a comment to Leeds City Council during the consultation period. LCC’s preference is for comments using an online response at www.leeds.gov.uk/yourcity. However you can email comments to sap@leeds.gov.uk or write to Leeds SAP Revised Submission Draft Consultation, Policy and Plans Group, The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds LS2 8HP

Safer Newsletter & Factsheet

Please find below information received from Trading Standards with measures residents can employ to protect themselves from bogus traders and internet scams.

SAFER Newsletter December 2017
SAFER Factsheet

Planning Update – Miller Homes Site

At a meeting held on 9th November 2017 LCC’s South and West Plans Panel agreed to ‘defer and delegate’ Miller Homes application ‘to officers, in consultation with ward members’. This includes decisions on access, highways, the siting, appearance and scale of buildings and the landscaping of the site. Cllr Billy Flynn spoke to the panel on behalf of the parish council.

A further meeting was held on 15th November 2017 with LCC’s planning and highways officers, representatives from Miller Homes, ward councillors and parish councillors. At this meeting significant progress was made including agreement on the following:

• LCC Highways will monitor traffic flows on The Poplars to assess the need for any future traffic management measures.

• subject to confirmation from Metro, bus shelters will be stone with a shingle roof.

• grass verges on the A660 and the site approach road will be planted with daffodils.

• Spring Wood will be extended to the north with no public access into this ancient woodland.

• Parts of the site will be included in a Biodiversity Enhancement and Management Plan and areas such as the duck pond will be left ‘natural in appearance.

• An underground storage tank and ‘balancing pond’ will be required for storm water storage.

• The car park at ‘Bramhope Park’ will contain some disabled parking spaces with parking limited to one hour.

• The Local Equipped Area for Play (LEAP) can be removed should there be problems with anti-social behaviour

• The dry stone walls will be built adjacent to the A660 and along the approach road, with those walls to the north and east of the orchard conserved.

• The ‘green conservation area character’ housing will now be used at all locations around the edges of the development and also for the convenience store.

The parish council would like to see more tree and hedge planting in and around the site, including standard trees and evergreens for immediate impact, and to reflect the rural fringe setting of the development. It has also been agreed that there will be further opportunities for the parish council to comment on the detailed landscape plans.

The parish council are concerned about the lack of affordable housing for the elderly and have asked for some of the dwellings to be allocated to the over 55s. There are also concerns about the effects of the convenience store on the viability of the local shops. However the store is to be built as the planning inspector gave permission with the view that it would make the site more sustainable.

Construction of the access roundabout is not expected to take place before May 2018. This is expected to take around 9 months with the method of construction aiming to keep disruption on the A660 to a minimum. Housing construction will possibly start in early 2019.

As outline planning permission, which cannot be withdrawn, was granted by a planning inspector last year, the Parish Council have been working to achieve the best possible outcome for the residents of Bramhope.

Fraud Advice

Police in Leeds are urging residents to be wary of cold callers following reports of bogus calls from Department of Work and Pensions.
An elderly female victim, in her 80s, from Leeds, was contacted by someone claiming they were from the DWP stating she owed thousands of pounds.
The caller told her she could pay this off at a reduced rate if she purchases I-Tunes vouchers. The lady bought some vouchers, £500 in total, and they then contacted her by phone and asked her to scratch the panel and give the serial numbers to them.
Enquiries are ongoing in relation to this incident.
Detective Inspector Anne Banks, of Leeds CID, said: “If you receive un-solicited telephone calls from anyone saying they are from a Government agency saying you owe them money which you can pay back by purchasing I-Tunes or other vouchers, please do not buy any – contact the police.
“We ask residents to remain vigilant and not to pass on any personal or bank details to anyone they are not expecting a call from.
“If you are unsure ask for a contact telephone number and for a letter to be sent to you. Never feel under pressure, you are under no obligation to give them personal details over the telephone.
“Make sure you check their identification and if you have any doubts at all about their authenticity ask them to wait while you call the company they claim to work for to verify they are indeed an employee.
“Anyone with any information or concerns is asked to contact the police via 101 or alternatively information can be passed to Action Fraud.”

Internet Scams – HMRC & BT Scam

Please be aware of scams that catch people out especially if they happen to be a customer of the company the criminals are purporting to represent.
An HMRC scam is doing the rounds by both telephone and email messages. HMRC don’t ring or email. All their communication is by letter in respect of any monies owning or refunds.

Below is the most recent BT scam doing the rounds.

New BT Online Notification

Your monthly payment was recently declined. The decline could be due to
insufficient funds, card expired, etc.

Since you haven’t provided us new billing information yet, we thought we’d
remind you to please provide us with updated billing information to avoid any
billing problems with your account.

Review account information.

Thanks for choosing BT.

Graham Sutherland
CEO, Business and Public Sector

Please do not respond to such scams. If you are unsure always ring the company direct on the phone number that you would always use rather than the one supplied in the email.

Crime Prevention Information

Following recent burglaries in Carlton, the Neighbourhood Police Team have sent some useful Crime Prevention information for us to share with residents of Bramhope & Carlton.
Current concerns for the Police are around burglary of dwellings and theft from motor vehicles.  Some crimes are the breaking into properties to steal car keys and then to take the car.  A fact sheet for both of these crimes can be accessed below, additional advice from the Police is as follows:

·         Make sure that any Europrofile locks are to a TS007 3 star standard.  These are snap proof locks, when fitted they should be fitted flush to the handle so that they cant be snapped.
·         Remove all items from display in vehicles – thieves may think you have a sat nav in the glove compartment if you leave the cradle in the window
·         Move all keys out of sight or from kitchen drawers at home
·         Do not leave keys in the backs of doors

Europrofile lock crime prevention information sheet Aug 2017
Theft from Vehicle crime prevention information sheet August 2017

What’s On?

Puritan Chapel Summer Openings

The Puritan Chapel, a Grade 1 listed chapel dating back to 1649, will be open between 2pm and 4pm on the following dates. The September openings coincide with Leeds Heritage Open Days.
Sunday 3rd June 2018
Sunday 1st July 2018
Sunday 5th August 2018
Sunday 9th September 2018
Sunday 16th September 2018

The Parish Council look forward to welcoming visitors and sharing some of the history of the chapel with you.

Summer events at Golden Acre Park

Leeds CC Parks department have arranged various events at Golden Acre Park over the summer. Further details can be found on the What’s on Page.

Time to Shine is a programme, led by older people, that aims to reduce loneliness and social isolation in people over the age of 50. These are major issues, not fully understood, and our job is to learn what makes a difference. Time to Shine works in partnership to deliver activities, training and campaigns across Leeds that celebrate and promote positive ageing. What we learn will help older people live fulfilling lives now and in the future. For more information please visit: timetoshineleeds.org