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Our intention is to provide local residents with a useful source of information about our villages together with local history and details of existing groups and organisations.  In addition, by providing this information we hope others may  be tempted to visit us here in Yorkshire.

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Latest News

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Breary Lane East Development – Reserved Matters Application for residential development of 319 dwellings, a convenience store and public open space

The reserved matters planning application for the Breary Lane East development site has been submitted by Miller Homes. The full application is available on the Leeds City Council website on the following Link. The deadline for comments to Leeds City Council is Friday 2nd June 2017.
The Parish Council will be holding a Planning Committee Meeting on 10th May 2017 at 6.00pm to discuss the application and formulate it’s comments, which will be published on the website following the meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend. The Parish Council’s continued aim is to ensure a smooth transition as possible and achieve the best possible outcome for the village.
A letter is being distributed to every household in Bramhope and Carlton which contains details of how to comment on the Reserved Matters
Further information including a copy of the letter to residents and some of the plans downloaded from the LCC website are now available on the Breary Lane East Development page . Comments on the application should be received by Leeds City Council by 2nd June 2017

Department of Transport Announcement

Leeds City Council are delighted that the Department for Transport has today given its support to it’s plans to transform public transport in Leeds, with their confirmation of £173.5million funding. Read more here

Highways Maintenance work in Bramhope 2017/18

Details of Leeds City Council Highways work which will be undertaken in Bramhope during 2017/18 are detailed in the attached document.

Almscliffe Crag Wind Turbines Scheme – Withdrawn

In April 2015 a Huddersfield firm, DC21, submitted an application to erect two 48 metre high wind turbines on green belt land northwest of Almscliffe Crag.  The location of the turbines meant that they would appear significantly higher than the crag.  Bramhope & Carlton Parish Council objected on the grounds that this would spoil the view from Bramhope across Wharfedale and encouraged neighbouring town and parish councils to object.
Over 450 objections were received, including one from Harewood House, and from the Ministry of Defence as the turbines would interfere with the radar at RAF Topcliffe.  The application was eventually withdrawn without going in front of the planning committee, and the outcome announced in March 2017.
The reduction in subsidies for land based wind turbines announced mid-2015 has removed the incentive for this and similar schemes.  Unless the funding model for wind turbines is changed, it is unlikely that this proposal will be revived.

Spring Newsletter

The Spring Newsletter is now available on the website and is being delivered by our group of volunteers over the coming days. If you would like to be a delivery volunteer please contact the Clerk.

Thefts from Vehicles in Bramhope

There have been a number of thefts from vehicles in The Birches/Poplars over the past few days. Please ensure that you lock your vehicles and don’t leave purses/phones etc on view in cars.

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on 17th May at St Giles Church Hall. Drinks and nibbles will be available from 7.00pm and the formal agenda will commence at 7.30pm. This is an opportunity to meet your Parish Councillors and hear about what the Parish Council has been doing over the last 12 months and what is planned for the next 12 months. Various local organisations will provide displays and share information about they have been doing in the village.

20mph Zone in Bramhope

Leeds City Council will commence work on the 20mph zone for Bramhope on Monday. An article regarding the scheme can be found on the Wharfedale website by following this Link

Land at Breary Lane East

An Extra Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Thursday 12th January 2017 at Bramhope Village Hall to discuss the Miller Homes Appeal outcome. The draft minutes can be found on the following Link. Following this meeting the Parish Council will be writing to Miller Homes with their comments. A letter will be sent out to residents with details of the Parish Council’s comments to Millers and information regarding the timescales for residents to comment direct to Leeds City Council when the Parish Council has received the information regarding deadline for comment. Any update will also be posted on the Breary Lane East Development page on the website.

Land at Breary Lane East / Leeds Road – Outcome of Planning Appeal

Bramhope & Carlton Parish Council has been informed that Miller Homes have been successful in their appeal over the planning application to build on the land between Leeds Road and Breary Lane East. The Inspectors report to Leeds City Council can be found on the followingLink.
Miller Homes applied for planning permission to build on this land in October 2013. There were over 900 responses from residents, the vast majority against the development. Leeds City Council rejected the application primarily on the grounds that it was premature as the LCC Site Allocations Plan identifying building land for the next 15 years was going through the consultation process. Miller Homes promptly appealed and the appeal was heard in April of this year.
The Secretary of State for the Communities & Local Government has decided to allow Miller Homes to build but there are 33 conditions that must be met. It is expected that Miller Homes will submit revised plans as part of a new planning application.
Residents in the vicinity of the site have already received letters from the agents acting for Miller Homes inviting them to a public consultation on the new plans on Thursday 5th January 2017. This is an informal consultation event open to all Bramhope residents between 4.30pm and 7.30pm in The Clubroom at West Park RUFC. Members of the public will be able to look at the development proposals and discuss them with the development team. Further information can be found on http://www.millerhomesbramhope.co.uk
The Parish Council and the Ward Councillors are disappointed by the outcome of the appeal (though it follows several successful appeals by major builders against LCC planning policy). The Parish Council will now read the appeal result in detail and consult with and work alongside the Ward Councillors and Leeds City Council in order to decide our future approach to this planned development. The Parish Council will attend the pubic consultation on 5th January to gain further information about Miller Homes’ proposals.
At all times the Parish Council will endeavour to reflect the views of residents and act in the interests of the community.
Simon Cooper
Chair, Bramhope & Carlton Parish Council
23 December 2016

What’s On?

Annual Parish Meeting 17th May 2017

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held at St Giles Church Hall on 17th May. Drink and nibbles will be available from 7.00pm and the formal agenda will commence at 7.30pm. We look forward to welcoming you to the meeting

Bramhope Summer Festival 2017

The Programme for the Bramhope Summer Festival is now finalised and will be distributed to all residents over the coming week. The Festival starts on 20th May with a play, No Job for a Woman, at Bramhope Village Hall and ends on 29th July with a Brass Band Concert at West Park Rugby Club.
The full programme of events can be found on this.Link