Breary Lane East Development

Miller Homes Development – Breary Lane East and Leeds Road

Residents will be aware that Miller Homes have been successful in their appeal against Leeds City Council’s refusal to grant planning permission for a development of up to 380 houses and a convenience store on the land bounded by Leeds Road and Breary Lane East. Millers have been granted outline planning permission by the Secretary of State subject to 33 planning conditions.
Even though it overrides significant local opposition and the policy of Leeds City Council, there is no realistic prospect of overturning the decision. The decision can only be challenged on legal grounds, and Leeds City Council has decided not to exercise its Right to Challenge as it is felt it would be futile.

Your Parish Council will work with the Ward Councillors to represent local views to Miller Homes and to the Highways and Planning Departments of Leeds City Council (who will have a significant impact on the details of the scheme) in order to mitigate the unwelcome aspects of the scheme and obtain the best possible outcome for the village within the confines of the planning consent.
The Parish Council held an extraordinary meeting last Thursday to review in detail the initial proposals put forward by Miller Homes at the consultation event on 5th January. The Council agreed: • to submit a detailed response to the proposals, identifying actions to improve the visual and environmental impact of the screen and expressing particular concerns over the proposed roundabout • to seek advice from our professional advisers on the scheme • to meet representatives of the Highways and Planning Departments of Leeds City Council at the earliest opportunity • to seek an early meeting with Miller Homes and their local representatives to ensure that Miller Homes recognise the importance of engaging with the Parish Council to address local issues.

The Parish Council expect Miller Homes to submit a planning application to LCC in due course. This may be a Full Detailed Application (which means there will be an opportunity for residents to comment) or a Reserved Matters Application to meet the 33 conditions imposed by the planning inspector. The latter can be dealt with by LCC planning officers without the need for further public consultation, though the Parish Council will make representations to the Planning Department. The Parish Council will provide further information as soon as any planning application is made.

The Parish Council wishes to hear the views of residents; in particular, whether the Parish Council should object to the proposed convenience store. Please contact the Parish Clerk or use the form on the Parish Council website (where there is further information).

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